The quick stats on me: I’m a mom to two boys, one’s a preteen and the other is a full blown teenager. Even with all of the cliche eye rolls and earbuds blasting away, I still love. I spend a lot of time gardening in my yard, growing all sorts of yummy goodness. Using organic farming methods and non GMO seeds are super important to me so you’ll be seeing posts about that in the future. I also love to use the inspiration that pops up in the most random places to make things. Upcycling, repurposing and d.i.y.s are my sugar. i usually have at least two or three projects going on at once,  but doesn’t stop new ideas from flowing in. Other things I look forward to sharing with you are cruelty free beauty brands and my favorite homestead d.i.y.s, same goes for fashion, wellness and everything in between. You might notice that there are  never be any meat or other animal products in the recipes I post. Even if you aren’t vegan I urge you to try them and let me know if you like them! I really try to make mindful decisions when shopping, doing a quick check on labels to make sure that no animal testing was done, no animal products were used, it’s fair trade certified with ethical and sustainable practices to supply the product. I’ll share my long time favorites and newly discovered brands so you can make a positive difference when you go to do your shopping. After all, how we spend our $$$ is our biggest impact to companies and when we support the ones doing the right thing the other ones pay attention. Oh, and I have a pet pig, you’ll be hearing about her too (she’s awesome, you’ll love)

Thanks again for stopping by and stay tuned for all of the above ideas to be here for your reading and creating pleasure in the very near future.